60 Year Old Mom climbs 14er, Cries.

When is the last time you climbed a 14,000 foot mountain? What about your parents? What about the tallest one in Colorado? Well Ladies and Gentlegerms...My mother kicked ass. She took on Mt. Elbert (14,433 ft), the tallest in Colorado, with an optimistic and never quit attitude, just one foot in front of the other. I would say a never say die attitude but I'm pretty sure I heard her say "I'm going to die"...might be an exaggeration 

It's a 4 am wake up at the trailhead just 30 minutes from Leadville, CO. We got up had some breakfast, clicked on our headlights and starting trekking the 5 mile hike to the top. The goal was to get out of timberline (11,500 ft) for the sunrise. We made it, only to discover a cloudy horizon, windy conditions, and no beautiful sunrise. Shoot Dang Darn!

Mt. Elbert is notorious for its false summits but if you research it like a normal person you can prepare for it. Did I? No. No I did not. So, what looked like the top was only 1 of 3 false summits. Looking back it was a blessing in disguise. Every false summit we reached was one step closer and gave us this self confidence that we will be able to eventually make it.

4 hours later we made it to the final and real summit 14,433 ft above sea level. I was quick to point out that we were the tallest standing people in Colorado but 100% not the highest. Nevertheless, we grunted 4 hours through wind to summit the tallest peak in Colorado and in a moment of pure bliss, accomplishment, relief, self confidence, and triumph my Mom cried. It was incredible to see. It's a moment like that that makes every ounce of pain and suffering worth it. And until you experience that moment for yourself, you'll never know what triumph through adversity truly feels like. 

What an unreal memory we have together that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I recommend doing something like this with your family some time soon. It will be something you cherish forever. 

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