For the Small Price of $32,900 You Too Can Glamp!

Holy Cow People! I had no idea Glamping (Glamorous Camping) has taken it to the next level! Personally, this type of outdoors feels like the most disingenuous and least authentic way to experience the outdoors. It takes the whole meaning completely away from getting outside. It should be a little uncomfortable, rugged, and dirty. Welcome to getting lost in nature! It levels you back to our primal instincts and forces your conscious to let go of everything else except food, warmth, water, and shelter. 


I am speaking from a place of "not having millions in my bank account". Under Canvas has one of the most appealing coolest websites out there (play on words intended). I'm almost 100% sure I would love to try one of their trips at some point. For 7 parks in 7 days and a small fee of  $32,900 you can travel through Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Arizona. And let me tell you that package looks freaking incredible! 

The design inside the "tents" is nothing short of extraordinary. The luxury tents have exquisite interior design and the views are breathe taking. If you can muster the energy to even bring yourself out of the tent they offer activities from rock climbing to horseback riding, mountain biking and fishing and everything in between.

Basically, they've mastered the glamping experience and have some of the coolest locations! If you have some fun money laying around but you're missing a friend, hit me up, I'd love to go!

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